Is Your Plumber Licensed to Work With Gas?

If you're about to switch to a gas-fuelled water heating system, then you need to find a company that can connect you and set up your system safely and effectively. While you've used a plumber in the past when you've needed work done on your water heating, you aren't sure if plumbers can handle gas systems.

Are plumbers qualified to work with gas?

Do Plumbers Have Gas Training?

Not all plumbers do gas work; however, many do work on both plumbing and gas-related jobs. Plumbers can train and get licenses to work in both fields. This makes sense for many tradies and businesses, as gas is still commonly used around the home, especially in hot water systems. The actual work that a licensed plumber can do with gas installations, repairs and checks may vary depending on where you live. Some plumbers also have basic skills and qualifications; others take their training a little further and qualify to work on a wider range of gas jobs.

In some cases, plumbers train in gas work while they do their plumbing training. In others, they add gas training later once they've qualified as a licensed plumber. Generally, a plumber that offers gas services will at least be qualified to work on domestic systems and appliances. This usually includes line, system and appliance installation, testing and repair.

Do Plumbers Have a Gas License?

Licensed plumbers shouldn't advertise that they do gas work unless they have the necessary skills, experience and licences. You can get a basic feel for how experienced plumbers are in this field by looking at their websites or talking to them about the kinds of jobs they do.

Before you choose a plumber to install your new water heating system, make sure that they have the right training and licensing. This applies to the plumbing work they'll do as well as the gas parts of the job. Plumbers won't get snippy if you ask to see their licence to do work. Professional plumbers will be happy to give you this proof. Check that the licence is up to date and that it covers plumbing and gas fitting.

In some areas, these qualifications may be covered on one license. In others, your plumber may have separate licences. It's important to make sure that any licences you're shown are in the name of the individual plumber. Before you choose a plumber, check that you'll get a certificate of compliance after your new hot water system is installed. This tells you that the work done complies with current safety standards.

For more information, contact your local plumbing and gas fitters service today.

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