How to Find a Good Toilet For Your Height

If you're taller than the norm, then regular toilets may be a bit too short to be comfortable. If you feel like an adult sitting on a schoolroom's child seat every time you use your toilet, then it may be time to try and find a better height.

What kinds of toilets are good for tall people?

Look for Taller Toilets

While most toilets come in standard sizes, you can buy some models that are higher off the ground. Sometimes marketed as overheight or comfort toilets, the pans on these toilets stand taller than usual.

In some cases, manufacturers design these toilets with taller people in mind. In others, they are designed for people with mobility issues who find it hard to get up off a regular sized pan.

In either case, these toilets may suit your height better. Apart from the height difference, they don't look any different to regular models. They'll just make things more comfortable for you.

Look for Wall Hung Toilets

If you can't find a taller toilet that suits you or that is high enough for your needs, then consider a toilet with a pan that hangs on the wall. These toilets generally have concealed systems — the cistern goes inside the wall behind the toilet while the pan is attached to the wall itself.

While these toilets can be set up with the pan on the floor, they can also be hung on the wall to leave a gap between the pan and the floor. While some people chose these toilets for their streamlined minimalist look, they also have advantages for people who are tall.

The advantage here, if you're very tall, is that you can choose the height of the hang. You can decide where the pan goes on the wall to make things comfortable for you. So, if you need a few extra inches, you have the pan installed at a greater height.

If you're the only person using your toilet regularly in your home, then either of these options may work better for you than a regular model. However, if you share the toilet with someone who is shorter than you, then you may need to reach a compromise.

To get advice on toilet heights and models that meet your height and household needs, ask local plumbers for advice. They can talk to you about taller toilet options or help you assess where a wall-hung pan could be installed.

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