Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot water is a vital part of everyone's lives. Without running hot water, the daily routine of many would be disturbed: from taking a hot shower in the morning to getting dishes squeaky clean, hot water is essential. There are many hot water systems available on the market, and with technological developments, these systems are becoming more and more advanced. Here is a guide to some of the most popular hot water systems available.

Gas Hot Water Systems: These of course use gas to power the hot water system. Gas hot water systems are a tad pricey to install; however, once they are installed they have fewer running costs. Additionally, while electricity rates vary throughout the day, gas rates do not. This means you have hot water whenever you need without any issues. You will need to select the tank based upon your family's hot water needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems: These are a popular option as they are relatively cheap to install. However, once installed you can expect to have high energy bills due to the pricey running costs that these electric systems have. Additionally, these need repair and maintenance more frequently, so you need to factor this cost in as well. If you do want to install an electric hot water system, then an off-peak system would be best. This type of system is cheaper to run because it relies on off-peak electricity. This kind of hot water system does need a larger tank, though.

Solar Hot Water Systems: Climate change owing to global warming means that people are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact. Solar hot water systems rely upon solar panels to power them and have an electric component when it's not so sunny. These are quite expensive to install, but you do have the option of applying for a government rebate to offset this cost. Once they are up and running, these hot water systems are quite efficient and pocket-friendly.

Heat Pump: This is another type of hot water system that is powered by renewable energy. This system extracts heat from the air to heat up the water. These are also expensive to install; however, just like with solar hot water systems, you may be able to get a government rebate.

Overall, before selecting a hot water system, always assess your current and future hot water needs. If your family is expected to grow, then investing in a larger system will be best. On the other hand, if some of your kids are moving out, a small one would suffice.

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