Plumbing Tips Every New Parent Should Know

While having kids brings an entirely new level of joy and love to your life, there is a list of adjustments you have to make to accommodate these new humans. Parents will typically focus on the big stuff, such as baby proofing their home and keeping all lethal chemicals and medications out of reach, but these are not the only areas to focus on. Believe it or not, your plumbing is at risk too! When babies start to move around, a curious toddler can easily crawl their way to the bathroom, and you could end up having an emergency on your hands. Thus, taking care of your plumbing is not only to keep your child safe but the entire system too. Below are vital plumbing tips that every new parent should know.

Install safety hatches on toilet lids

Opening and shutting a toilet lid is effortless, so young children will soon learn how to do this on their own. While the first risk of doing this is that your child can start drinking the toilet water, installing a safety hatch also works to ensure that your toddler does not accidentally topple into the toilet bowl. Furthermore, a safety hatch that prevents your child from opening the toilet lid means there will be a limited risk of tiny toys being flushed down your toilet and subsequently blocking your plumbing hardware.

Wipes should never be flushed

Baby wipes may seem soft enough to be flushed down the toilet along with toilet paper, but this is one of the most massive misconceptions homeowners have that directly leads to serious plumbing problems. Although wipes are soft, they do not break down as quickly as toilet paper. If they did, then you would be making a mess of your fingers as you clean your child up. This innate resistance to breaking is perfect for using wipes for thorough cleaning, but since they will take ages to degrade, they will only end up clogging your plumbing hardware. Before you know it, you end up having to deal with leaks or even a burst pipe.

Insert strainers in all your sinks

Strainers tend to be commonplace in kitchen sinks since they will prevent food debris from accumulating in your plumbing. Once you have kids, it is essential to invest in a few more strainers for all the other drains around your home. If your kid takes a bath with toys, it can be quite easy for small pieces to flow down the pipes with the water, as aforementioned, leading to an eventual plumbing emergency. 

If you do experience a plumbing emergency, don't hesitate to contact a plumber in your area.

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