Are Your Backyard Trees Conspiring Against You?

If you have a number of mature trees planted in your back garden, you may love the peace and tranquillity that they afford and think that they are nothing but beneficial when it comes to your environment. However, deep beneath the surface, these trees could be on the move and conspiring to create a plumbing disaster that you will eventually have to deal with. How could this be possible, and how will you know if you have an issue?

On the Move

As a living organism, a tree will always be on the lookout for sources of moisture in order to survive, and this is why they create such an enormous underground root structure. They will be particularly active when drought conditions are in evidence and will look for every available source of moisture, even if this is man-made.


The sewer pipe that links your home to the outside world will also run underneath the soil, and most likely, in close proximity to some of these trees. Some of the liquid that passes through this pipe may find its way to the outside through a miniature crack or two, and this will present a potential opportunity for the tree. Although it will not happen overnight by any means, the tree root will penetrate the pipe at this point in order to access more of the moisture. Invariably, this will cause a blockage.

Gathering Evidence

As time goes by, you may notice that the water takes much longer to disappear through the plughole, and this may be accompanied by a strange, gurgling noise. You may not think too much about this until you also notice that a strange "dip" has appeared in your back garden.

This dip is, in fact, a miniature sinkhole, and it has been caused by the moisture leak. The ground here is relatively saturated in comparison to the neighbouring area, and this has led to this inundation. You may also notice that shrubs in that general area are far greener than others, as they have access to water that is leaking from your pipes.

Time to Take Action

One day, the problem will become so acute that the pipe will block completely. You may find that water overflows onto your floor and that you cannot flush the toilet, either. In this case, you will need to call in an emergency plumber, and they will probably be able to pinpoint the cause right away. They may use a special camera device to explore the inside of the pipe but may also need to excavate some of the ground in that area to get to the bottom of the problem.

Keep an eye on the efficiency of your plumbing system, and if you suspect that your trees may be conspiring against you, call in a plumber like those at Sam's Local Plumbing.

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