Stylish bathroom design ideas used by popular celebrities

When it comes to designing a stylish bathroom, celebrities are among the best at coming up with unique and creative designs. From heated bathroom floors to cast concrete bathtubs, celebrities set the trend for others to follow when remodelling their bathrooms.

The best plumbers in the business also like to work with celebrities because they can advertise their plumbing services to a wider audience. If you're looking to give your bathroom a facelift, check out these popular designs used by celebrities in their homes and apartments across the world.

1. An etched stone theme with a cast-concrete bathtub

Whether you're remodelling your beach home or city apartment, you can't go wrong with an etched-stone theme. Various celebrities, such as the popular filmmaker Michael Bay, have used etched stone to infuse a natural theme into their homes. In fact, Michael has a fully cast concrete bathtub in his posh beachside home in Miami, Florida. The light brownish-grey bathtub is also lined with etched stone around the floors and walls.

You can borrow from this design by using an etched stone theme in your own bathroom. Match your countertops, shower walls and floors with a similar colour shade of etched stone. The fully concrete bathtub also adds an elegant touch to any bathroom. And to finish off, consider adding a stone sink to fully complete the theme.

2. Bathroom overlooking the city

If you live in the city and you have a good view of surrounding buildings, you can take advantage of this position. Many celebrities have designed their bathrooms with large windows that overlook the rest of the city.

Some have also installed their bathtubs right on the edge of the window, overlooking a busy downtown area. What a relaxing way of enjoying an evening bath after a long day!

3. Bathroom walls fitted with glass tiles

Few wall materials scream of elegance than glass tiles. Celebrities have used glass tiles to line the walls that surround the bathroom mirror and countertop. Glass tiles blend well with a large, elegant mirror to create a continuous theme across the entire bathroom.

To make this theme work, you should also match the sink colour and fixtures with the glass tiles that you intend to use.

4. Heated natural stone floors

As if natural stone is not elegant enough, various celebrities have also added heating to their stone floors. For example, heated marble floors are used in many celebrity bathrooms to provide comfort during the winter. Because marble tends to become cold when temperatures drop, heating this material takes bathroom comfort to a whole new level.

The stylish features outlined above give you many different ideas you can use for your own bathroom. Consult your plumber to add style to a plain or boring bathroom layout.

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