Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Choose an Easy Clean Toilet

When you're choosing a new toilet, there's more to think about than just getting a toilet that fits in your bathroom. The type of toilet you choose can make things easier for you when you clean the room in the future.

If you like to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic but don't like crawling around the floor to clean around and behind your pan, then switching to a new toilet design can help. How?

Traditional Toilet Cleaning Problems

If you currently have a close-coupled toilet, then you have to deal with gaps between the back of the pan and the wall the toilet stands against. These gaps attract dust, and if you don't clean them regularly, they can get dirty and unhygienic.

However, these gaps aren't always that accessible. You may struggle to reach behind the toilet to clean them. This can be a bit more of a problem if you have a small bathroom where a lack of space means that your toilet is close to sink units or other furniture. If access to the sides and back of the toilet is restricted, it's a lot harder to reach these areas to clean them effectively.

Wall-Fitted Toilet Solutions

If cleaning around and behind your current toilet pan is a chore, then you can make things better by choosing your new toilet carefully. Some toilets are a lot easier to keep clean and to clean around than close-coupled pans.

For example, consider switching to a toilet that is fitted flush against your bathroom wall. Your options here include toilets that are boxed into one unit so that all of the toilet, from the cistern to the pan, sits up against the wall. Alternatively, some toilets can even be hung on the wall itself.

These toilets don't leave any gaps between the pan and the wall. This makes cleaning the toilet itself a breeze. Some toilets, like wall-mounted pans, also have other cleaning and hygiene benefits. For example, if your toilet hangs on the wall, then it's easy to clean around the sides. It also doesn't need to stand on the floor at all. This gap between the toilet and the floor is easy to clean, allowing you to keep all of your bathroom floor hygienic without much effort at all.

If you're interested in reducing your cleaning headaches in your bathroom, ask your plumber for advice on toilet types. They can help you choose the best wall-fitted pan for your cleaning needs and bathroom design.

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