3 Simple Things You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Hot Water System

Your hot water system should serve you for an upwards of at least ten years. Unfortunately, some systems fail long before they reach the service life suggested by the manufacturers. One of the contributing factor to this premature failure is neglect.

Here is a look at three tips to keep in mind that will help to extend the life of your hot water system and ensure that it performs efficiently.

Schedule a Maintenance Flush

Over time, sediment tends to build up in hot water systems. This buildup is undesirable for two main reasons. The deposit of sediment may corrode the walls of your tank, and with the compromised structure, you can expect to see your tank leaking. Secondly, your water heater will become less efficient because it has to work extra hard to heat water, because of the obstructing effect of the layers of sediment.

Manufacturers recommend doing a maintenance flush at least once a year. You can choose to do this by yourself or call in your plumber. Either way, ensure that you follow the right procedure as outlined by the manufacturer.

Replace Badly-Corroded Anode Rods

The sacrificial anode rod in the tank of hot water systems is there to protect the lining of your tank from rust. The anode rod is only good enough for a time, because, it too, will get rust away, and when all of it is rusted away, your tank will be left vulnerable, begin to rust and cause your system to fail.

If you want to keep your water heater system working efficiently and for a long time, be sure to schedule an inspection at least once a year and replace it immediately if it's in a bad state. You can check your anode rod during the annual maintenance flush. You may also want to check against the manufacturer's recommendation about how often your specific model will need an anode rod change. Generally, the anode rod in the tank of hot water systems needs replacing every three to five years.

Perform Timely Repairs

Any time you notice that something may be wrong with your water heater system, ensure that you get the problem, big or small, fixed right away. A seemingly small problem that is overlooked can quickly deteriorate into a bigger issue which cannot be easily fixed, and which may cause premature failure of hot water systems calling for a replacement.

These simple tips can help extend the life of your hot water systems. Working with a plumber will ensure that you get it right.

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