Signs You May Need a Plumber

No matter where you live, one thing everyone has an occasional need for is a plumber. Plumbers do many diverse tasks; some you may not even know about unless you have had a need for them. Here are some signs you may need a plumber.

Clogged Drains

Possibly the most common sign that you need a plumber is a clogged drain. Whether because of misuse or just normal buildup, clogs happen and can be a hassle. When you have tried all of the home remedies to clear the clog with no success, it is time to call in a plumber. They will use their tools to remove the clog and clean the drain to avoid recurring clogs. This is not to say you will never have another clog, but with the proper care, you should not have one for a while.


Another sign that you might need a plumber is leaks. Leaks can happen in any pipe or connection. The most common place for leaks is where two pipes join together. Other causes of leaks can include damage and broken pipes. When you have a leak inside your home, you will normally notice by dripping or puddling water. Outside leaks, on the other hand, are sometimes very difficult to know about and are harder to find. One sign that you have a leak somewhere you are unable to see easily can be a loss of water pressure. This will especially be the case if the leak is causing a large loss of water. Another sign of leaks outside would be wet areas in your yard for no reason. This could be a sign that water is leaking up from pipes below the surface. This is a definite sign you need a plumber. They will be able to locate, dig up and fix the leak.

Hot Water Systems

A final and not-always-known sign you may need a plumber is having issues with your hot water system. Whether you are installing a new unit or need a repair to your existing unit, you will want to contact a plumber. Most states have regulations requiring a certified plumber to install and repair hot water systems. Plumbers may also be able to help you repair a unit you thought had no life left in it. This could save you not only time but also money.

If you find yourself with clogged drains, leaks or hot water issues, it might be time to contact a plumber to take care of these problems. Let them come in and get you back to your daily routine.

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