Why Does Your Rimless Toilet Overflow When it Flushes?

Rimless toilets have cosmetic and cleaning advantages over regular pan designs, but they can develop problems like any other toilet. For example, you may have noticed that your pan is overflowing when you flush the toilet.

If this happens, then water isn't just cleaning the inside of the pan and then flowing down the toilet, it's actually splashing out over the sides of the pan. Why does this happen and how can you fix it?

Why Rimless Toilets Overflow

A regular toilet has a rim that runs along the inside of the pan. This rim controls the flow of the toilet's flush, directing it down the pan along the inside of the toilet.

While this rim is a pain to keep clean — and may be the very reason you switched to a rimless pan — it is useful. Rimmed toilets don't tend to overflow when they are flushed as the rim forces water down.

Rimless toilets don't use a rim to control water flow. Their flush is supposed to run out along the inside of the toilet before going down the drain. Rimless toilets work on an optimal flow basis. Each flush should produce just enough water to rinse out the toilet. However, not having a directional rim can sometimes cause flush problems.

For example, if too much water comes out in a flush or the water power itself is too strong, then the water may end up in places it shouldn't go. The water may splash or spill over the top of the pan on to the floor during a flush.

How to Fix Flush Overflows in Rimless Toilets

Like any toilets, the water that flows into your rimless toilet's cistern is supposed to be controlled. This water flows into the cistern until it reaches a certain level that fills the cistern enough for a flush. When this level is reached, incoming water is supposed to cut itself off so that the tank doesn't overfill.

If the level in your cistern isn't set at the right level, then your cistern may be overfilling. This could release too much water into each flush which then spills over the edges of your toilet. If you can change the float that controls water levels to let less water in, then this may fix your problem.

If you can't adjust water levels yourself, or if changing this setting doesn't work, then ask your plumber for advice. They can check out your cistern and make any necessary adjustments to keep your flush in the toilet pan where it is supposed to be.

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