Two steps to take to prevent plumbing problems when you buy a house

If you have bought a house recently and want to prevent plumbing problems from occurring in this property, you should keep the following two tips in mind.

Arrange for a plumber to perform an inspection of the pipes in your bathroom and kitchen

Even if you have no plans to make any changes to the bathroom or kitchen in your new home, you should still arrange for a plumber to carry out an inspection of the plumbing pipes and fittings in these rooms.  Unless the house is newly built, its plumbing system will probably already have been subjected to several years' worth of wear and tear. As such, it is possible that there are parts of it that may need to be replaced or fixed. Having a plumber identify and repair the building's plumbing issues (such as for example, partial blockages or deteriorated pipes) will reduce the risk of these problems cause serious damage in the future.

For example, removing a partial blockage will not only ensure that the affected drain doesn't end up completely blocked a few months from now but will also reduce the chances of the blockage reaching a point where it presses on the pipe's walls so much that the pipe itself breaks. Likewise, replacing old pipe fittings that are on their last legs will help to prevent water from leaking out through these areas of the plumbing system. This, in turn, will ensure that your new home doesn't sustain water damage (as a water leak in your plumbing system could damage your home's electrical wiring, the foundation or the framework).

Trim the trees that are located close to your outdoor drains

If there are trees located within a few feet of the outdoor drains on your new property, you should trim back the branches of these trees. The twigs, fruit, leaves and bird droppings that fall from these trees may end up landing in between bars of the grates that cover your outdoor drains. Over time, this detritus may create an obstruction that blocks your outdoor drains and leads to you and your family being unable to use your bathroom or kitchen facilities until a plumber has removed the blockage.

Keeping the trees trimmed should prevent these blockages from forming and will thus help you to avoid incurring a large bill from your plumber.

For more information, get in touch with a plumber and tree trimming company.

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