5 Ways To Keep Tree Roots Out Of Your Drainage System And Avoid Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a result of several factors, one of which is the ingress of tree roots. When the roots penetrate the drain pipes, they will obstruct the passage of waste material, especially the kind that doesn't break down fast enough. This includes tissue paper and wipes, sanitary towels and tampons and condoms. The buildup of these waste materials will, over time, cause blockage in your drainage system.

Preventing and managing the encroachment of tree roots into your sewer lines is a great strategy to avoid blocked drains. Here is a look at five tips to help you in doing exactly that

Watch what You Grow

Avoid garden plants and trees with aggressive root systems. An arborist can advise you on the kind of trees that you can safely plant in your yard and which ones you should completely avoid, based on the aggressiveness of their root systems.

Watch Where You Plant Your Trees

Before planting any trees or garden plants around your yard, find the exact location of your sewer lines. Once you do, avoid planting too close to these lines to prevent root penetration and the eventuality of blocked drains. Ensure that you keep a distance of at least ten feet between your lines and where you plant the trees.

Care For Your Garden Plants

Ensure that the trees and shrubs in your garden are well taken care of throughout the year. This means making sure they are getting enough water and fertiliser. If the soil around your garden plants is dried up and lacking in nutrients, the need to survive will cause the plants to spread their roots in search of these essentials. This spread may go as far as into your drainage system where it will cause blocked drains and other problems.

Replace Your Piping

If yours is an old drainage system fitted with clay pipes, you may want to think of replacing the piping with PVC pipes. Clay pipes are more susceptible to root penetration because they offer little resistance compared to PVC pipes.

Again, if your existing pipework has any cracks, big or small, you should invest in getting them replaced or at least repaired.  Tree roots easily penetrate drain systems through these cracks.

Install A Root Barrier

There are several options when it comes to tree root barriers. You can have a barrier that uses chemicals to prevent the growth of tree roots near your sewer lines or have metallic or wooden barriers run along the sewer line to avoid root penetration.

If roots have already caused damage and blocked drains on your property, contact a local plumber to help you address the issue. 

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