Tips to Keep your Hot Water System in Perfect Condition

Nearly all residential and commercial buildings have a hot water system. Hot water systems are responsible for providing hot water to your taps for washing hands or taking a bath. Over time, hot water has become a vital factor in everyone's daily life, hence the need to properly maintain the system. Therefore, below are tips to assist you to effectively maintain your hot water system and keep your shower hot when you need it.

Check Your System for Worn-Out Parts or Cracks Regularly. Your hot water system may be developing cracks, or parts may be wearing out and you're not aware. To avoid these things, make sure to regularly check your hot water system for any worn-out parts, cracks or breaks. You may choose to check it on the first weekend of every month depending on your availability. By checking the system, it may save you the inconvenience of breakdowns, as you're able to repair the damage before it affects the whole system.

Check Your Temperature and Pressure Valves. Always check your temperature and pressure valves to make sure that they are set as advised by your preferred service provider. In case your valves are faulty, the heater may cease to function, or the heater may continue to heat your water above the required limit, leading to pressure build-up in your tank. This may cause an explosion. Therefore, always make sure they are in perfect condition.

Flush Your Water Heater Periodically. If you use hot water for a considerable amount of time, sediments tend to develop inside your tank and pipes. The sediments may decompose your tanks walls and pipes, reducing the efficiency of your system. This means water may not heat correctly or the pressure may be too low.  It's advisable to flush your tank regularly and clean it. How frequent you'll flush your tank is dependent on the acidity and hardness of water in your area.

Always Remember to Turn Off Your System When Not in Use for a While. When planning to visit a relative or friend, or if you're taking a long vacation, it's advisable to turn off your hot water system. This will help to preserve your temperature and pressure valves. In addition, there's no need to keep your system working, as it will just increase your electricity and gas bills.

Schedule Occasional Visits from your Preferred Plumber. At times, you may inspect your hot water system but are unsure if a part is worn out or not. Therefore, schedule occasional visits from your plumber to give a professional opinion on your system.

It may seem like your hot water system may never break down, don't get too comfortable. Follow the tips above to increase the longevity of your hot water systems. In addition, keep in touch with a professional plumber for best maintenance advice and emergency plumbing solutions.

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