Misassumptions about Blocked Drains That Will Translate into Emergency Plumbing Repairs

One of the most annoying, yet prevalent, problems you will face on occasion in your house is blocked drains. Blocked drains crop up due to a myriad of reasons, which is why they happen recurrently. And when this problem occurs, it means that the water supply in your home has steadily become restricted and will eventually cease altogether. Since blocked drains are a fairly typical problem, a majority of homeowners will attempt to resolve it on their own. However, this measure will only work to compound your problem if it is not handled properly. Before you choose to handle blocked drains on your own, read on for a couple of misassumptions that will definitely lead to emergency plumbing repairs.

All Drains Can Be Cleaned in the Same Way

Your house comprises an extensive network of interconnecting pipes that make up your plumbing system. But while these pipes work in tandem to eliminate wastewater from your house while also ensuring you are receiving a clean supply of water, it does not mean that the pipes can all be maintained in the same way. Some drain-cleaning methods that would work with your sinks may not be suitable when cleaning your toilet. Failure to differentiate the pipes can cause irreparable damage to some of your pipework and you will end up having to pay for both repairs to your plumbing system and replacement of the hardware. To avoid these consequences, it is best to have your local plumber come and assess the blockages so that they can determine how to clean your drains.

Industrial Strength Agents Will Eliminate All Clogs

Industrial strength cleaning agents are highly successful in cleaning blockages since the chemicals they contain will disintegrate all the clogs that have accumulated. Considering how readily available these cleaning agents are in local stores, it is not surprising that some homeowners will resort to buying them (rather than hiring their local plumber) under the impression that they are saving on costs. Industrial strength agents, admittedly, will unblock your pipes. Nonetheless, once they are done cleaning the pipes, the chemicals will also erode the lining of your hardware. Thus, while you may have solved the problem of blockages, you will then have a new issue to resolve in the form of cracks and holes in your pipes. Your local plumber is best placed to eliminating the blockages once and for all since they will know exactly how to deal with them. Not only will they pinpoint the exact location of the clogs, but they will also tackle the blockages individually rather than run the risk of damaging your pipes.

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