The Right Way to Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Every time you turn on your taps or flush the toilet, it goes directly into the sewer line through the pipes. Stormwater might also find its way into the sewer system, and, unfortunately, it comes in with a lot of debris. You must ensure that your sewer connections and the system, in general, are in good working condition. We will show you how.

Be Careful About What You Flush Down the System 

There are certain things that you may flush down the system which will clog it up. Such include wet wipes, feminine products, and cotton swabs, among others. These items do not flow along the pipes and will end up blocking the entire system. You will have to get in someone to unblock it for you, meaning you end up using a lot of money. 

Know About Chemicals in Water 

Some elements in the water can damage sewer connections. The metals in the water will cause the system to rust, leading to leakage or bursting of the pipes. It is not always possible to filter all your water. There are, however, specific home filtration systems that you can install right at the water source, which can help with removing the metallic elements.

Discover What Vegetation Can Do to Your Pipes

Various plants have deep roots which could damage the pipes. Trees are the main culprits, and you must, therefore, plant them far away from your sewage system. Keep a close watch on how the roots grow and try to control them as much as possible if you have trees right next to the pipes.

Avoid Multiple Connections 

You may think that connecting your roof or stormwater sumps to the sanitary sewer system is a good idea, but it is not. You will likely end up overloading the system, resulting in a breakdown.

Dispose of Your Waste Materials Carefully 

Do not pour engine oil, paint, cooking oil or chemicals down the sink. They will destroy your sewer system and cause damage to the connections. The chemicals are also hazardous to the environment, and you need to get in a maintenance crew to clean it up.

Keep Up With the Maintenance 

Your sewer system is crucial, and it requires that you bring in the experts to ensure that it is in good working condition at all times. Schedule regular maintenance checks so that you keep the system clean and corrosion-free.

Final Thoughts 

Take due care to maintain your sewage system in good working condition with our tips above.

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