Why a petrol water pump could be your best option

There can be lots of reasons why you might want to fit a water pump on your property. Water pumps can be useful for everything from drainage, to land irrigation, and even firefighting. Perhaps one of the most common types of pump in use in Australia is the bore pump, which is used to draw water out of the borehole or well. Once you have decided that you must fit a water pump, one of the most important decisions you will have to face is deciding how that pump will be powered. While there are battery or solar-powered pumps available for specialist operations, in most cases you will need to purchase either a diesel or a petrol water pump. The decision on which type of pump to purchase will ultimately come down to a matter of personal choice and operational requirements. Here are three reasons why you should consider choosing a petrol water pump.

A  petrol water pump is more portable

Due to the way they operate, a diesel engine must be heavier and stronger in construction than a petrol water pump. A lighter, more compact engine powering your pump means that it is simpler to transport and to move around. Depending on the way you want to use your new pump, that could offer a significant advantage. If you need to move your pump between locations, it can be done more easily if it isn't heavy and bulky.

A petrol water pump is cheaper

In most cases, a petrol water pump will be cheaper to purchase than a diesel one. The diesel relies on robust construction and high-precision nozzles that can be expensive to mass-produce. By choosing to purchase a petrol water pump, you can make wise use of your limited budget.

A petrol water pump is easier to maintain

A diesel pump can be highly efficient and economical to run, especially if you have large-scale pumping requirements, but if you want to keep it running properly. then you must be prepared to invest the time in maintaining it well. In many cases where pumping will be limited to less than two hours each day, choosing a petrol water pump is a better choice. Few people have the resources or inclination to spend a lot of time maintaining a diesel pump when a petrol pump will do the same job but require much less attention.

Talk to your supplier today about which pump would be the best fit for your circumstances.


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