Reasons Not to Delay Roof Repairs

Rather than leaving your roof to look after itself and forgetting its existence, it's good practice to have it inspected and repaired every so often as problems arise. Failing to take this approach can lead to unintended consequences that make you worse off in the long run. Consider the following reasons not to delay roof repairs.

Problems Spread

If you don't address repairs, one thing can lead to another, and the problems can spread to other areas of the home. For instance, suppose you have a small hole in the roof that allows water to trickle in every time it rains. After a while, the moisture problem can spread, so that the ceiling plaster develops mould and mildew. If this situation continues, the plaster can even fall away from its attachments to the beams above. In the worst-case scenario, it could collapse altogether. Thus, a hole in the roof cladding has spread to other parts. It could even have caused the timber rafters underneath the tiles or corrugated metal to rot. With periodic inspections and roof repairs, however, you can nip such issues in the bud.

Escalating Costs

Sometimes you might feel that by not spending money, you're saving. But in the case of a roofing repair, as the above example shows, the reverse could be the case. Instead of paying for repairs to the roof cladding, you could end up paying for new ceiling plaster or repair, plus overhauls to structural elements, like the rafters that hold up the roof. By picking up problems early and paying for them to be fixed, you can avoid escalating repair costs.

Safety Issues

It's easy to assume that your roof is fine and largely ignore it. However, if tiles or corrugated sheets are loose or damaged, they can become dangerously airborne. Next time a wild storm hits your neighbourhood, they could be carried away in the breeze and possibly injure someone in the vicinity. Such airborne missiles can also cause material damage to cars and other homes.

Higher Energy Bills

The roofing provides a large surface area that can allow heat to escape from your home. Conversely, it can channel the sun's heat into the rooms below, when you don't want it — in the middle of summer. Some roof issues can affect heat transfer and increase energy bills. 

Thus, if you leave problems to continue, you'll end up wasting money. One such problem is a hole in the roof that allows for more heat transfer, both in and out of your house. Regardless of the additional structural problems a gap can cause, you'll be paying higher energy bills as a result. By fixing such a problem promptly, you can avoid excessive energy consumption.

For more information, contact a local roofing service.

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