3 Restaurant Plumbing Problems That a Commercial Plumber Can Fix

As a restaurant owner, your primary focus is likely cooking delicious cuisines and offering your clients the best services in town. While this may be crucial in business, there is a lot more you need to do to keep your customers coming. One of the essential systems you need to pay attention to is your restaurant's plumbing system. One plumbing problem can tarnish your brand image and make you lose your hard-earned customers in no time. 

However, by hiring a commercial plumbing expert for routine maintenance, you can prevent these plumbing emergencies from happening. Furthermore, understanding the different plumbing problems that may occur in your business is critical. It will help you to take the necessary preventative measures. Keep reading to learn some common plumbing issues encountered in restaurants. 

1. The Backing Up of Water in the Toilets

Due to excess use, backed-up toilets are quite common in eateries. Nonetheless, your customers will likely judge the cleanliness of your restaurant by the condition of the bathrooms. A toilet disaster will not only diminish a customer's appetite, but it can be a solid reason for them to move to the next restaurant. You can avoid bathroom disasters by addressing issues as soon as they emerge. If you notice rising water levels in the toilets, contact a commercial plumbing expert immediately. Similarly, unresponsive toilet handles require instant repairs by an experienced plumber. Waiting too long can lead to an escalation of a minor issue into a catastrophic problem. 

2. The Clogging of Drains Due to Oils and Grease

Although oils and grease are essential cooking ingredients, they are notorious for clogging restaurant kitchen drains. They can make their way into the drainpipes as you clean dishes in your restaurant. As they travel down the drain, they may solidify and cause a blockage. A clogged drain does not allow wastewater to flow efficiently. When that happens, you may experience a back-flow of the wastewater and a foul smell coming from the sinks. In that case, you need to contact a commercial or industrial plumbing specialist right away to have the blockage removed immediately.

3. The Underperformance of the Gas Lines

Many restaurants have encountered faulty gas lines at one point in time. Most times, gas lines fail to perform maximally when there is a leak down the line. A gas leak is a safety hazard that can potentially cause serious accidents in your restaurant. When you have a gas leakage, your warmers or stoves become slower than usual since they do not receive enough gas supply. You will also notice the smell of gas even when the stoves are not in use. In that case, it is important to have your gas lines regularly inspected for leaks by an experienced plumber. 

When you notice anything unusual in your plumbing system, you should not wait too long to seek help. Contacting a reliable and competent commercial plumbing contractor early enough can prevent the small issues from getting worse. Contact a commercial plumbing service for more information. 

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