5 Advantages of an Inverter Heat Pump

If you are planning to replace your current heating system, then a system based around an inverter heat pump is worth considering. This eco-friendly method of home heating has many advantages.

1. Lower Utility Bills

Inverter heat pumps are designed to be as efficient as possible, which means that they can help you to save money on the cost of heating your home. The technology that an inverter heat pump uses is similar to that used in a refrigerator. It draws heat from the external environment, even when the weather outside is cold, and transfers it to your home, using very little electrical power in the process.

2. Environmental Benefits

The low electricity usage of an inverter heat pump makes it a great choice for heating your home in an environmentally responsible way. By reducing the amount of power you use for home heating, an inverter heat pump can help you to play your part in limiting carbon emissions and therefore fight climate change. Using an inverter heat pump also allows you to avoid using gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel, to provide heating for your home.

3. Reliability

Compared to some other types of heating systems, heat pumps have relatively few moving parts and are therefore unlikely to break down. Unlike gas boilers or furnaces, they do not produce waste products, such as soot, that can clog up the system. As a result, your inverter heat pump should need repairs relatively infrequently.

4. Safe

Unfortunately, gas furnaces can become quite dangerous when they are not working properly. A gas leak can put your home at risk of fire, while a leak of carbon monoxide can lead to you and your family breathing in poisonous fumes. With an inverter heat pump, you never have to worry about these risks. There is also no possibility of explosion and little risk of an electrical fault.

5. Quiet

Compared to some heating systems, an inverter heat pump operates relatively quietly. This feature is very important if you need a quiet environment in your home, for example, because you work there during the day and conduct meetings over video chat. If your inverter heat pump does start to make a strange noise, then that is probably a sign that it requires repair, in which case you should contact a local heat pump repair service right away.

Contact a company that provides inverter heat pumps to learn more. 

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