3 Ways a Commercial Plumber Can Save Your Business Money

While you might think that you only need to call out a commercial plumber when you have a problem or want to install new systems or devices, this isn't the case. Savvy businesses also use plumbers to help them save money. What can a plumber do for you here?

1. Audit Your Water Usage

While you know how much water your business uses in general terms, you might not know if your usage is efficient. If your business uses more water than it needs to, then your bills will be higher than they should be.

A commercial plumber can run an audit on your plumbing system, equipment and devices. They can help you evaluate your usage. If you are using too much water unnecessarily, then they can recommend ways to reduce your usage so that your bills cost less.

2. Recommend Money-Saving Fixes

If you don't use water efficiently, then your plumber can help you find ways to reduce consumption. Switching to water-saving devices, appliances and machines can save you a lot of money. The less water you use, the less money you'll pay.

For example, you could reduce usage in your company's toilets and handwash areas by installing automatic taps. These taps use less water because they turn themselves off after a set period of time. People won't waste water by running a tap for too long or forgetting to turn it off.

A commercial plumber can also help you save money on general energy costs. For example, they can check that the thermostat on your heating and cooling systems are set at optimum levels. If they are currently set too high, then turning them down a notch will reduce your gas and electricity costs.

3. Implement a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

You might not spot developing plumbing problems until they turn into a major issue. Major problems can be expensive to fix; they can sometimes shut down business operations until they are fixed.

Commercial plumbers can set up scheduled preventative maintenance checks. For example, your plumber might come out to your facility a set number of times a year. They will check that all your systems are in good working order and fix minor problems. They can also service your systems.

Preventative maintenance and regular servicing can save you a lot of money. For example, you might not notice a small water leak on one of your feed pipes; however, even a small leak will waste a lot of water over time.

Or, you might not keep boilers and plumbing systems in good shape if they aren't serviced regularly. Regular services prevent running problems such as scale buildup from damaging equipment and machines. They extend the working life of core components of your plumbing systems.

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