What Should You Do If You Discover a Damp Part of Your Carpet But Don't Know Why?

You've come home after a long day of work, and you're looking forward to putting your feet up and relaxing. However, as soon as you step into your living room, you notice that a part of your carpet is damp. You might panic and wonder what could have caused the dampness. Don't worry; being proactive and taking steps to address the problem will help prevent further damage to your home.

Trying to Identify the Cause

Firstly, you should try and identify the root cause of the dampness. Check for any visible signs of leaks and thoroughly inspect the surrounding walls and ceiling. However, if you cannot find any leaks, it's worth considering hidden pipes that may have burst. In this scenario, it's best to reach out to a plumber to check your plumbing system and locate any hidden leaks or damage.

Saving Your Belongings

Secondly, you'll want to remove any water-damaged items, including carpets, furniture, and any other personal belongings. This step will ultimately help the drying process and could prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Open the windows or use a dehumidifier to circulate the air and reduce the humidity level. If you have any fans, use them to increase ventilation. It's worth consulting with a professional water damage restoration company to ensure proper drying and sanitation of your home.

Dealing With Mould

Thirdly, if you discover any mould on your carpets or surrounding areas, it's essential to take immediate action. Mould can be very hazardous and lead to respiratory issues. The best way to remove mould is by using a mixture of bleach and water or by using an anti-mould spray. However, don't attempt to remove mould if you have allergies or respiratory problems. Seek professional help instead.

Call in the Experts

Remember, you'll need to call in a 24/7 emergency plumbing company like Wilkinson Plumbing and Gas PTY LTD to deal with any hidden pipe damage. Turn off the water at the mains first, and then reach out to an expert for their advice.

What to Remember

In conclusion, discovering dampness on your carpet can be a distressing experience. However, by taking the necessary steps promptly and seeking professional help when required, you can prevent further damage to your home. And if you suspect that the issue was caused by a broken pipe that may be hidden behind a drywall or underneath the floorboard, get in touch with a professional plumber as soon as possible.

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